SKAdNetwork IDs

In the last Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple announced a new era for app install tracking in its mobile OS – iOS.

In iOS 14 era, app install tracking attribution will be done with a new announced “SKAdNetwork”.

iOS 14.5 is already here!

The identifier for advertisers (IDFA) is no longer widely available for publishers, but only when receiving the user’s consent. The publisher app should implement ad networks SKAdNetwork IDs in its info.plist file.

Our aim is to provide the most updated SKAdNetwork IDs list for the community – Please help us!

Are we missing anything? Do you know of any missing SKAdNetwork ID on the list? Do you have any correction for us? We will appreciate if you let us know, thank you!

A list of SKAdNetwork IDs is below:

All available SKAdNetwork IDs - Updated April 2nd, 2024

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